behind the lens

Hey there! I'm Hanna. Thank you for taking the time to look at my little corner of the world. I love the lake, traveling, my pup, my family, coffee at literally anytime of the day, and a whole lot of Jesus. I found my love for photography when I was in the 6th grade. My dad bought my first camera before he took me on my first mission trip to a small village in the mountains of Haiti. That trip I found both of my loves. I've never looked back from being able to help people in a real way and capturing all of life's real moments. Since I get to tell so many love stories, here's a little about mine! This past May I just married my high school sweetheart :') We met lifeguarding when I was 15, and I have been hooked ever since! He is my absolute biggest cheerleader for this business. He challenges me, leads me, cherishes me, and makes me feel like the only girl in the world. I could go on forever about how much I love him!

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behind the lens

Our love story started long before we were even born! I always say that I have had the privilege of coming from a lineage of love. Mine & David’s grandparents have both been married for 55+ years & are more in love today than the day they met. My parents have been married for almost 25 years, have four children & still can’t keep their hands off of each other. Ask anyone who knows them. EW, I know right. But that’s exactly how I want to be & how I want our future children to see me & David. I can’t wait to carry on this tradition & I hope you can or start one for your family too! After all, the weddings are amazing, but it’s more about the marriage than the wedding. AMEN! 

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behind the lens

Love stories are only the beginning of things that I photograph! I love having a front row seat at all of life’s big & small moments as your families grow! From the wedding, to anniversaries, to celebrating landing your dream job, finding out you’re expecting, maternity, labor & delivery, newborn, to your little babies senior photos! I can’t wait to go through all of life’s moments together! 

xo, Hanna

What am I going to school for? 

A) Photography 
 B) graphic design
C) Chiropractic
D) dental hygiene 

get to know hanna

C) Chiropractic

What is mine & my hubs ideal date night?

a) Going to the city for a fancy dinner
b) playing tennis + little caesars!! (cheap date, am I right?!)
c) seeing a movie + sneaking in alllll the goods
d) lake, boat, boarding any kind of food!

get to know hanna

D) Lake, boat, boarding any kind of food!

True or false

Before we got our dog I was NOT an animal person like AT ALL.

get to know hanna

True (He turned me to the good side & I am obsessed!!) 

What type of personality do I have?

a) easy going, go with the flow, just like to sit back & observe (AKA people watch)
b) Loud, type A, let's talk about everythingggg, & a hint of stubborn
c) A peace maker, want every to be sunshines & rainbows!

get to know hanna

B) Loud, Type A, let's talk about everythingggg, & a hint of stubborn

What's my favorite food?

a) a big steak
b) ice cream
c) chick-fil-a (this is my husband) 
d) any kind of seafood

get to know hanna

B) Ice Cream

What did I say to my husband on our first date when I was 15??

a) "we're going to get married"
b) "You're definitely not my type, this isn't going to work out"
c) "I googled you"
d) "Grilled him with big life questions"

get to know hanna

B) "You're Definitely Not My Type, This Isn't Going To Work Out"

What's my coffee order?

a) Americano 
b) Black coffee no sugar NOTHING
c) Vanilla iced latte or pumpkin cream cold brew in the fall
d) Ew, no coffee for me

get to know hanna

C) Vanilla Iced Latte Or Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew In The Fall

On a scale of 1-10 how much do I love that I get a front row seat to life's big moments for SO many people!!

a) This is a dream
b) 10
c) So so much
d) all of the above

get to know hanna

D) All Of The Above

in honor of

Not until this year did I truly understand the weight & importance of photos. When those big moments, or just doing nothing moments are all you have left of someone so dear to your heart. If time could only stand still. This is a tribute to my brother Luke Jeremiah Davis, forever in our hearts. #LLLD

2 corinthains 5:1-3